[UPDATED] Courses Offered At Kaduna State University, KASU

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Kaduna State University (KASU) courses offered have been accredited by the NTBE which gave them an order to legally carry out the lecturing of those particular courses.

Since its establishment, KASU has been carrying different types of courses and programs to an eligible student who is admitted into the tertiary institution.

Today, BookiNaija would be discussing about the Kaduna State University (KASU) courses that any wished students or applicants can choose to study in the institution.

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Although there are many courses of KASU, it is necessary for one to knows which one can he chose that will suit his SSCE grade result and even Jamb Result.

Some courses at Kaduna State University are highly competitive, which requires more marks for one to be able to gain admission into the Polytechnic.

Nevertheless, BookiNaija would list some criteria for one to look into before choosing any type of program or course offered in KASU.

They are listed below;

1. Combination of the Subjects of your SSCE (WAEC, NECO, or other)

2. Potential cut-off mark of the course. What I simply mean here is that the special cut-off mark in which your particular course must meet before one gains admission into it.

It is different between the cut-off mark and the potential cut-off mark. And what is the difference?

The difference is cut-off mark means the general required marks of Kaduna State University, while the potential one is the cut-off mark is above the first one which will make one eligible even their too much applicant that applied for the course. i.e cut-off mark = 120 (general) potential cut-off mark= 150

Meanwhile, the potential one gives one more assurance of getting admission.

Without much wasting of time, it is highly important for us to discuss the Subject Combination too.

Subject Combination

The subject combination of the Kaduna State University course is almost the with others, but with little difference.

The subject combinations are basic subjects which one study in his secondary school. They are mostly categorized as 5-6.

The subject combination can fall either in Science, Art, or Commercial. Below is a breakdown list of all the categories.


Mathematics, English, Physic, Chemistry, Biology


Mathematics, English, Literature, Government, Economics,


Mathematics, English, Marketing, Agriculture,

The above is much important for someone to know when choosing any KASU Course so as to avoid a misleading error. If you are a science student, chose a science course and vice-versa.

While there are some general courses of Kaduna State University which all category students can afford to study.

Now let go into the main point, which is Kaduna State University Courses.

See all below including their faculties title;

1. Faculty of Science

Below are the departments under the above-mentioned faculty;

• Department of Biochemistry

• Department of Biological Science

• Department of Chemistry

• Department of Geography

• Department of Mathematical Sciences

• Department of Microbiology

• Department of Physics

• Department of Computer Sciences

• Department of Industrial Chemistry

• Department of Statistics

2. Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

The following are the department under the faculty;

• Department of Pharmacology and Taxicology

• Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Management

• Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Medicinal chemistry

• Department of Pharmacognosy and Drug Development

• Department of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Microbiology

3. Faculty of Medicine

It has only one department under it which is MEDICINE. While the Barau Dikko was constructed for practical purpose

4. Faculty of Social Sciences

• Department of Economics

• Department of Mass Economics

• Department of Political Science

• Department of Social

5. Faculty of Management Sciences

• Department of Accounting

• Department of Business Administration

• Department of Banking and Finance

• Department of Entrepreneurship

• Department of Marketing

• Department of Public Administration

6. Faculty of Environmental Sciences

• Department of Estate Management

• Department of Quantity Surveying

• Department of Environmental Management

• Department of Architecture

7. Faculty of Art

It has seven departments under it, as you can see them below;

• Department of Arabic

• Department of Christian Religious Studies

• Department of French

• Department of History

• Department of Islamic

• Department of Nigerian Languages & Linguistics

8. Faculty of Agriculture

• The department under it is only AGRICULTURE

The above are the current only accredited Kaduna State University (KASU) courses.

They might implement other courses and porgeammes in the future as a matter of time. The polytechnic is on it growing time.

Those courses are major ones almost every Nigerian polytechnic started with before expanding into more.

In a short brief tail, every wished student of the KASU would choose among the  above listed courses, apart from them, you can’t apply for any other courses in the particular institution.

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